Festival Dates: August 6th-9th, 2021.


To The 3rd Annual Canada Vegan Fest 
Komasket Lake Campground, BC.
August 6th-9th, 2021.

Our site is currently under construction but...

Below you can see our schedule, read what other people have said about their past experiences and get on the waitlist for CVF 2021. 

"What an incredible experience! 

The people were so kind, the speakers were thoughtful and willing to share their knowledge, and the venue was gorgeous. 

Definitely going back next year!" 

- Mat O'Flynn

"I've attended the festival for the past two years and each year it's been an awesome place for people on their health journey. 

I believe this festival will become an annual place for those to meet new friends catch up with old friends, and reignite inspiration as every year people will leave with sense of direction whether they're vegetarian, vegan, or raw vegan. 

I'll be back next year for sure to celebrate my 6th year being whole foods high-raw vegan."

- Carson McQuarrie

"This festival changed my life in ways I can't even comprehend right now, I am still processing the shear magnitude of excellence that came from being in attendance. 

I learnt so many valuable things that will forever alter who I am and become. 

I will support this project anyway I can!" 

- Rochelle Roach

"I went into the festival curious about the raw life, but didn’t think I’d actually do it. I came out of the festival feeling amazing. 

My mindset has been transformed in ways that I did not anticipate."
- Sarah Ravensbergen

"The only thing better than the food, the music, and the empowering information was the energy of the people in attendance."

- Don Bennett

"This festival was a great experience. Eating solely fruit and vegetables with like minded, warm hearted souls and enjoying conversations about life and learning from others' experiences was amazing."

- Remo 

"The Canada Fruit Fest was a very positive, educational and peaceful experience. Upon arrival I was greeted with smiles and complete freedom to choose how I wanted to shape my festival experience. 

Everyone was friendly, loving and I made some very wonderful friends with whom I ended up having so much in common. The educational speakers were very unique and eye opening and the food was nothing short of fantastic!"

- Jirina Sandall

"Making big changes in one's life is hard and it is perhaps most helpful to talk face-to-face with people who are further along the path. The festival had many presenters who are 10+ years into eating a vegan diet and it is inspiring to meet these people and hear their wisdom. Highly recommended!!"

- Rhea Good

“My experience at the festival was awesome! I had no expectations and only positive vibes came my way. It was great seeing and hearing my YouTube influencers and the farm tour was brilliant. 

The people I meet were totally fascinating with their own stories and I’m grateful for their presents. Thank you for the opportunity.”

- Tonia

"I'm so grateful I got to meet all the amazing people that I did.

Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging it made you feel like you were apart of a community. I felt very fulfilled in terms of healing myself for the weekend. 

I would recommend this festival to anyone who wants to try something new and get in tune with themselves."

- Naomi

"Being vegan or raw vegan was only one part of this fest. This fest was about tapping into potential, individual and collective, and expanding potential. 

This festival was about releasing the limitations that we have put on ourselves and propeling us on our path to glowing health, and being who we are meant to be. 

The fest provided me with a lot of support to live vibrantly."

- Mary Hall

"This festival is a weekend of high vibrational playfulness. Smiley faces and open minds. An incredible way to unplug and connect."

- Stephanie Samplewood

"This Festival was the highest vibrational environment I have ever been a part of. 

When you are in a space where every meal, and every conversation is in the name of expanding your consciousness and rising into a space of love and authenticity, you know you are in the right place, and that's exactly what was happening in real time at the Canadian Vegan Festival. 

It transformed me in ways I couldn't have even anticipated if I tried and I am so grateful I was present."

- Austin Goossen

"A lovely vibe of people combining nature, great food, and a strong spirit to change the world by peace, love and harmony. 

Nights under the stars, lake's and sun bathing, and secrets whispered behind the trees. 

Every little bee was singing fruity party is cherry funny!"

- Mariam Allard

"This festival was a great experience for me. Waking up next to the beautiful lake each day and started me out with beauty and stillness. 

The yoga and movement workshops were a perfect workout and then the simple, fresh and local fruit to re-fuel was key. 

I enjoyed played frisbee with new friends and jamming to good tunes in the evening. 

Also meeting and learning from some of the long term raw foodists and you tubers was a treat. Overall a fun and unique experience that I’m sure will be even better next year!"

- David Salem

"I attended as a volunteer and had such an amazing experience meeting new like-minded and interesting people from all over the world. 

So many beautiful memories were created throughout the festival. 

Although I arrived not knowing anyone, everyone made me feel welcomed and at home. 

I also learned a lot from the workshops I was able to attend, ate an abundance of fresh fruits & veggies and danced under the stars. Am already looking forward to next year! 😍✌"

- Desa Radic

51 Facts About Canada Vegan Fest

1. Formerly known as Canada Fruit Fest
2. 2021 will be our 3rd Annual
3. We are 5 Star Reviewed by 99% of guests
4. Aug 6-9th (3 nights, 4 days)
5. The #1 Reason people tell us they want to come: The Like Minded Community of Awesome People.
6. The Average attendee age is 32 years old.
7. Located on the Westside of Okanagan Lake, between Vernon & Kelowna in what is considered the Fruit Capital of Canada
8. People attend from all over the world, last year we had over 25 countries represented!
9. Educational Speakers everyday
10. Acro, Yoga, Meditation, Workshops and Classes are on everyday
11. Fresh Food Is Available
12. On Site Camping Available
13. Nearest Hotel is 20 min away
14. No animal products are allowed on site
15. Tickets have 6 tiers, each tier is priced higher than the last.
16. Beautiful lakeside venue, mountain views
17. The event is Run by Ted, Holly, Zen, John, Kristina, Tomer, Don
18. We usually have 50-100 Volunteers helping out the entire time
19. We have bathrooms with toilets & showers
20. We offer a raw food buffet
21. We DO NOT have electric outlets
22. But we DO have charging stations for phones
23. Our only cooked food is popcorn for those who need a healthy fix!
24. We have hot tea
25. We have merch for sale
26. We have an ATM machine
27. The nearest convenience and grocery store is 2 min away, and it's called Little Kingdom.
28. The #1 way people found out about the fest is through Instagram
29. 25% of the attendees are raw foodists, and 85% want to be raw during the festival.
30. 95% of attendees are 100% Vegan
31. Takes place on Sacred First Nation land
32. We are located on the Okanagan Lake and have no lifeguard on duty, so only swim at your own risk!
33. Over 50% of attendees arrive on their own and over 90% leave with what they’d consider a new best friend
34. Offer a bus shuttle
35. Offer free parking
36. We are RV Friendly (no electrical ports)
37. We have a Zero waste initiative
38. All food scraps get composted to local organic farmer
39. All leftovers get sold at the end of the festival 
40. Schedule is up now (and will continue to get updated until Aug 6th)
41. We have a ton of different games and relationship building activities
42. Silent disco starts at 10pm.
43. A daily running group starts at 8am 
44. Family friendly/all ages
45. We are Dog friendly
46. We offer a dry festival experience... both drug & alcohol free!
47. There's live music happening every night!
48. Services vendors; light therapy & massage
49. We offer singing and songwriting group/workshops 
50. We Offer Hiking Groups
51. We would love to see you there! August 7th-10th.
Canada Vegan Fest FAQ'S
 Should I bring anything with me?
Here are some suggestions as to what you might want to bring with you:
Sleeping bag
Bowl, spoon, fork & knife
Cash (merchandise & vendors)
Reusable water bottle; no disposable water bottles, as we are a "Green" festival, creating little to zero waste! 
 I'm not 100% raw, or vegan, can I still come?
Yes! Most of our attendees are not 100% raw, and most are vegan.
 What activities are on the schedule?
You can view the schedule here.
 Can I come with my kids?
Yes! This is an all ages event. Kids are more than welcome. In fact, kids who are aged 10 & under come absolutely FREE! 
 Who's performing?
 In 2018 we featured various Artists, such as; Frase, Bombargo, Felix Zenger, and IMUR, with a good mix of genres like folk, indie, pop, electro, & house.
In 2019 we featured Artists, such as: DJ FRASE, he's a CVF FAV and has been performing since year 1! 

Quean of the Green, Ojas, DJ KrispyKolt, DJ Disco Dave, Tandem Yam, DJ Kris Falco, Jessica Mai, Kyra Carlson, Teal Love Rock and a few of our very own, Chris Kendall " The Banana Commander" & Dave Mascatello "Organic Man"

For 2020, we will be releasing our music line up in early April.
 Who's speaking?
Incredibly knowledgeable and motivating individuals within the health & wellness industry!  

In 2018 we had Doug Graham, Alyse, Rawvana, Jonny Juicer, and many other awesome names!

In 2019 we had John Kohler, Chris Kendall, Melissa Raimondi, Loren Lockman, and a handful of other amazing educators.
For 2020 we're announcing our speakers one at a time via email and Instagram @canadaveganfest starting in March.
 What happens at the Canada Vegan Fest?
Eye contact is made! Connections happen! Friendships blossom. 

Really, you will have the freedom to do whatever you like! 

We'll be offering classes & workshops starting from 5:30am in addition to music and live performance throughout the day, going all the way until 10pm. CVF also offers late classes/activities from 10pm onward for all those night owls; we truly offer something for everybody!
 I don't have any friends, can I still come?
Yes. You'll make amazing life long friends at the event!
 What Are The Dates For "Canada Vegan Fest"?
August 6th-9th. Or August 9th-10th if you choose to stay for our business course.

 Where Is The Venue For The Event?
Canada Vegan Fest is located at Komasket Campgrounds, on Lake Okanagan, BC. 

 How do I get there?
If you're driving, use Google maps to guide you to Komasket Lake Campground. 

On site parking will be available for all attendees at no additional charge.
If you're flying, you'll be arriving to the Kelowna (YLW), where you'll catch the CVF shuttle bus, which will take you directly to the venue. 

Our festival shuttle bus will be available for $120 round trip. Pick up times are 10am and 3pm.

Please book in advance to ensure you have a spot on the bus! 

Shuttle spaces are limited and will likely sell out. 

Another option would be to fly into Vancouver (YVR), rent a car and start your 5-6 hr journey through the beautiful mountains; easily one of the most scenic drives in all of Canada.
 What food will be served?
The menu is 100% raw fruits and vegetables with the addition of organic popcorn (not raw) this year.

The Canada Vegan Fest is committed to as much organic produce as possible and to our knowledge, is the only festival in Canada of its kind.
The majority of the fruit will be locally sourced; straight from the growers. 

Options are plentiful... peaches, nectarines, melons, apples, berries, with abundance for all!!! 
 What is accommodation like?
Accommodation options for Canada Vegan Festival are as follows: 

Onsite tenting, car camping, and RV camping. (Need a tent? We sell both new and refurbished tents.)
If you'd rather not sleep onsite, you can stay at a nearby hotel or airbnb. 

Below are a few options which are a 20-30 min drive away.
- Prestige Hotel Vernon
- O'Keef B&B
- Predator Ridge
- Country Dream
 Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful long life, then this LIVE event is for you!
 Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.
 Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refunds but tickets are transferable. This means you can sell your ticket (to a friend or family member) but they are non-refundable.
 What Should I Wear?
The dress code is whatever you like! Most guys walk around shirtless, whereas most women walk around in shorts & tank tops.
 Any Other Questions?
Email us hello@canadaveganfest.ca